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Out Of The Fire Benefit Trust Fund presents A Benefit Concert December 2, 2018.

ON Sunday, December 2nd from 1:00-7:00 pm, Prairie Sun Recording and musicians of Sonoma County will present live music performed by artists featured on the “Out of the Fire” benefit CD. Out of the Fire is a CD of mostly original music which was created to help heal survivors of the 2017 fires, many of whom lost musical instruments. It features Sonoma County musicians Sarah Baker, Volker Strifler, Danny Sorrentino, Eki Shola and Johnny Campbell who each wrote songs for the album. In addition Levi Lloyd, Allegra Broughton, Doug Jayne, Willy Jordan, and the band Zero are some of the other musicians who brought their considerable talents to this heartfelt project.

Produced by the owner of Prairie Sun, Mooka Rennick, with engineer and musician Allen Sudduth and musician Sarah Baker, the fundraising event December 2, 2018 at Sally Tomatoes near the Sonoma State campus includes a silent auction, a no-host bar, and a raffle. The price of admission is a reasonable $10 donation, or $25 VIP ticket for food and admission. Cds, t-shirts and posters will be available for sale. All proceeds go to the Out of the Fire Benefit Trust Fund.

Sally Tomatoes is located at 1100 Valley House Drive, Rohnert Park (off Petaluma Hill Rd. near Bud’s Meats).

For further information: Katrina Markarian, Segue Entertainment, 707 480 3373


Like the Monkey Said When the Train Ran Over His Tail...

Hey Hey Hey we're on our way!!!

     For those of you saavy enough to have rsvp'ed to, you should be looking forward to a celebratory afternoon of food and drinks, song and dance and good people having a blast!  What's the best part?  All the money generated from sales of the "Out of the Fire" cd or your generous donations are going into the replacement of instruments of Sonoma County residents burned in the fires of November 2017.

       Could be a ukelel, a zither, maybe even a photoplayer (never seen one, check it out this dude is major ( ) copy and paste to browser) but whatever it is you can bet the person on the receiving end will be dangblasted happy to get it.

        So we have an idea that could make this party even better.... we figure of all the friends of the Sun coming out there's probably gotta be at least a few musicians out there.  Before you head over, why doncha dig through that old gig bag, the cymbal bag, the guitar cases and wherever else you might find those little things musicians need that you don't want or need anymore.  What kind of things?  Why, ALLLL kinds of things!  Maybe strings straps sticks and tuners, metronomes, capos, slides and picks, reeds, bows, moon jellies, kick drum mallets, guitar polish anything at all.  This way we can send the accoutrements along with the gifts of our glorious gang.

       And while we're at it, why don't we make it a potluck...please bring anything you like to help feed the masses...we'll have some snacks but we could use some love!

So what DID the monkey say when the train ran over his tail????


it won't be long now...    

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